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Hiro from Nocturnal Bloodlust when he was the vocalist of Point Blank Range, almost 5 years ago.

Well, helllllllo there. I imagine he would like vkei fans to pretend like this didn’t happen.

But dude. LAMB OF GOD IS BADASS. And I own that shirt, lolololol.


God, I can’t. The way he changed from that…into THAT! He looks so much better with long hair now. That’s too much for me right now xD

仙台の激しい熱気最高だったぞ、ありがとう。MCで言い忘れたけど明日はlittle HEARTS.仙台店でインストアイベントです。浴衣を着たお兄さん達がお待ちしてます。


Kanashimi no ame ga furi tomanai nara,
boku ga kasa wo sasuyo kimi no tonari de

"If the rain of sadness won’t stop, I’ll open up an umbrella beside you. "

Avelcain - I.D (via shunfuck)
月の杯 English Lyrics


I had a bunch of stuff to do today, so I’ll do the other tracks tomorrow, but here’s the English lyrics to the new single, 月の杯!

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visualkei_oyaji’s post on Vine

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